Isn’t it just great darling, that English, does not have to be our only lingua franca? I know my mouth and tongue, not to mention my wonderfully expressive eyes, can let you know exactly what I want, exactly what I crave.Does not the insidiously exciting dipping of my tongue into your ear canal, give you an indication, as to where I want my tongue to stray, when I gorge on your thick meaty pole tonight?Do not the swirls, whirls, laps and licks of my sexy pink tongue in your ear, tell you just how I might venture on that slow sojourn down that dark taboo tunnel?Don’t tell me you still cannot comprehend just what my perverse intentions are, my darling? It cannot be beyond you, could it,my dear, to imagine, a good little girl like me, a veritable Alice,wanting to venture down a hole, into a whole new wonderland.And taking you along for that wicked joyride.

Something tells me that you will find such an alternative anal adventure terribly arousing.


I never thought that I would find myself in this beautifully decorated hall in just my lingerie.It feels wickedly wrong to be so scantily clad, amidst such luxurious grandeur, which awes most visitors into a respectfully hushed silence.Unless one is to the manor born, of course.Which I am not.Unlike you.

I am as awed by it, as I am by you.I feel small in this vast hall, which to me seems filled only with your overwhelming, masterful presence.I feel cold, awkward and unsure.Goosebumps cover my skin all over.I hug myself and avoid looking at you.You have seen me naked countless times.You have ravaged me in every way possible.You have made me completely your own.Your owned pet.Your collared slave.Your pretty possession.And, here, amongst all your other beautiful possessions,I feel like one too.A wickedly decadent Lord’s animated play toy.

Don’t be coy now,baby doll.Look at me,sweet baby fuck…smile at Daddy.That’s better.Now,drop your hands and touch your beautiful body.You are well aware that the clock strikes the playtime hour… for your filthy sugar daddy with his favourite fuck doll.


Exposing my utterly deviant self to the eyes of the ignorant,prudish and unforgiving world.Forgive those passion-less souls,My Lord, who do not know love.Who do not know how to love,how to give love and how to surrender to that utterly overpowering,beautifully divine emotion.Which can make you or break you.
Love.The only emotion worth believing in,worth fighting for, and worth dying for.
Forgive those, My Lord, who are dead inside.Hopelessly so.


Exposing my utterly deviant self to the eyes of the ignorant,prudish and unforgiving world.Forgive those passion-less souls,My Lord, who do not know love.Who do not know how to love,how to give love and how to surrender to that utterly overpowering,beautifully divine emotion.Which can make you or break you.

Love.The only emotion worth believing in,worth fighting for, and worth dying for.

Forgive those, My Lord, who are dead inside.Hopelessly so.

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Sometimes, I want to veil myself.Sometimes, I have to avoid looking at you. Looking directly into your mesmerizing, all seeing eyes.Eyes that pin me down, eyes that quell my voice, eyes that penetrate my soul.I want to veil myself from your erotic, unrelenting gaze.I feel shy,awkward and vulnerably exposed.Being on display.

On display.For you.

For the Devil who is My God.

My God.

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Tutti gli ragioni che tu vuoi per diventare mia, può essere trovato in tutti i racconti erotichi che sono dispersi inoltre tra le pagine del tuo blog….
Quelle esperienze uniche sostengono l’idea che tu sei la donna dei miei sogni bagnati….da quando ero già giovane…
Ogni volta che sono dentro di te, ti fa capire la mia vera natura libertina, la mia passione arrabbiata…il dolore che senza te non esiste vita da vivere.
Non posso allontanarmi da te….Il tuo erotismo intenso inebbria la mia anima, la lussuria la mia volontà debole.
Da quando ti ho incontrato, sono nato ancora una volta.
Il desiderio è riflesso dalla mia perpetua fame che era sempre
clandestinamente nascosta, come un segreto morboso, dagli occhi del mondo. Scritto attraverso la mia cuore!
Questo segreto non è un segreto di più. Perchè adesso, so il tuo nome, donna mia.
Tu far parte di me!

All the reasons that you need to become mine….can be found in all those erotic stories/captions that are dispersed among the pages of your blog.

Those unique experiences sustain the idea that you are the woman of my wet dreams…ever since I was a teenager Every time that I am inside you, it makes you understand my true libertine nature, my frenzied passion. The pain that without you there is no life to live.

I cannot move away from you.Your intense eroticism intoxicates my soul, the lust….my weak will Since I have met you, I have been born a second time. The desire is reflected upon my perpetual hunger that was always clandestinely hidden,like a morbid secret from the eyes of the world, written across my heart.

This secret is not a secret any more. Because now, I know your name….my woman.

You are a part of me and you belong to me.

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Questo tipo di eccellenza femminile è proprio vederlo da dietro :)

This type of female excellence is only proper to be watched from behind :)


I was thinking about us, when I was having my bath and getting ready for tonight.Thinking about sex.Thinking about coitus.Thinking about fucking.Thinking about how far I have come,when it comes to sex, since you took me under your wing.Since you became my Master.Since you unlocked my sexuality and set me free.Since you gave me the blanket of your love to fall back on.

Since then,my sexual horizon is filled with peaks…the most incredible orgasmic peaks possible, that I never knew existed.Peaks that I can only climb with you.Peaks that we can only conquer together.It’s my destiny,My Lord, and I submit to it.

I happily submit to it.

Your love was the key that unlocked the door to that enchanting and exhilarating sexual paradise within me.And,its been utterly magical since then.

This girl belongs to you,Sir.You found her and helped her find her soul.And, so you get to keep her.For all time.


I find playing with myself in your office very arousing.I can hear your voice in my ear, that sexy,deep modulated voice of yours, still dictating to me, although, what I hear, when I start touching my ripe, juicy breasts, has got nothing to do with work at all.

No Sir.It’s a totally different agenda then.You tell me then, to play with myself and to turn you on and get myself wet and ready for you.And one of these days, I am so hoping that you can come and find me playing with myself in your office.

I want you to catch me playing hooky and I do hope I can get you hooked to it as well.I have a feeling that you will like this new game.A woman can tell,you know, these things.It’s not called a woman’s instinct, for no good reason.Besides, they do say, that all work and no play makes you a dull boy.

I think today you will have to walk back to your office, since you will be unable to find your car keys in your pockets. :)

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I just wanted to renegotiate my wages for doing all your cleaning.Perhaps, you could find it in your cold, capitalist heart to raise my wages.Believe me, I did try many times to ask your wife to increase my wages, but to no avail.I do hope, that unlike her, you are still able to bring yourself to…erm….raise… both yourself and my wages, Sir.


Unwrapping myself for you, darling…thank you for the pampering session at the spa…you will find that pussy of mine waxed to perfection…just like the way you prefer…and do notice that I got my nails done too…I think my hands will look rather nice wrapped around your cock tonight, baby, don’t you think so?

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This is an unusual daily ritual for a worthless slave girl like me. Having a warm bath in my own little hut.My Master expects me to be all nicely clean and sweetly smelling, when he comes to breed me in the evening.My nipples pucker up at what he is going to do to me.I am told that he never eats a woman’s pussy, but he sure eats mine.Till I cannot take it anymore and try to tear his ferocious face away, from  my sore ,swollen pussy.But, he won’t stop, until I give him what he wants.My squirt.

He is a hard,sinful,fearsome man.They say he is damned.I think he is the Devil himself and I am petrified of him!He has penetrating eyes and he can look right through me.He always makes me feel tongue tied and very nervous.And he likes making me feel scared.And he likes hurting me.Because it makes my breathing erratic,my eyes dilate, my body tingle and my cunt wet.Most of all, he takes a cruel,sadistic pleasure in hearing me scream and cry.His knife, his whip and his belt, not to mention his big hands have branded their imprints all over my young, helpless body,time and again.He needs to fuck me and beat me , he says, everyday, to satiate the beast in him.Sometimes, my squirt,isn’t enough.Sometimes, he craves for my blood.

I shiver and pray hard for him to stop, but I guess God doesn’t listen to the prayers of a damned, worthless slave girl, who is the Devil’s property and his obsession.


Tujhe meri bheegi jism bahut pasand hai na, kaminey….itne thande paani mein tu chahta hain ki main nahaoon, tere gande muzzay ke liye.Thand ke maare meri saari jism jal rahi hai….aur teri garam ho rahi hai.Kya dekh raha hai…yeh ki meri body teri biwi ke body se kitni zyada hot hai? Mere stuhn kitne zyada choome layak…meri choot kitni zyada sexy aur geeli…

You like looking at my wet body so much, don’t you, you bastard….you are making me bathe in this ice cold waterfall, just for your sick entertainment.My whole body is burning up with chills and….yours is just getting hotter.What are you staring at….is it at the fact that my body is so much hotter than your wife’s? My breasts so much better to kiss….my cunt so much more sexier and wetter….


For once, I am not the only dish on offer for you to eat, my darling! I wink and laugh at your wry, disbelieving face.

Mi Lord, me promiseth to serve thou a perfectly bellisimo dish this evening!Stop laughing at me! Trust me, it will be hot, spicy and mouth -wateringly yummy. I know you have your doubts about my culinary skills, but I think that you will love to sink your teeth into your meal, when it is all smokin’ and ready. ;)  I did tell you that I wasn’t totally hopeless in the kitchen.Besides, I am having a real lark making this dish.Must say that you do keep your larder pretty well stocked, for a man who can only make scrambled eggs!

Ouch!!!Now, I didn’t deserve that spank on my bum!!At least, I have a go at making something from scratch, following a recipe book.See…I am trying to follow the book to a T,even down to its very title, just so I can whip up the most perfect supper ever for you!'The Naked Chef', it’s called, in case you were wondering.Ungrateful wretch!!

Wait a few more minutes, I swear I am gonna make your mouth drool.This Naked Chef sure knows how to turn up the heat and make you sizzle for more. ;) :)

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A kitty for the kitten.

I am a baby girl and I love the toys that you get for me, Daddy! All my chweet, cuddly toys…and I especially like when everything matches…from the flogger to my panties… so I can show them off to my friends and tell them how well you treat me and what pretty things you buy for me!How you care for my each and every need!How you love to feed me and keep me always full!

I know its time for me to play on your lap now and rub my softness all over your crotch, slowly.And, I know, you want me to be slow…its taken several floggings, for me to learn the languid and lewdly licentious pace that you prefer.No rush ever and learn to burn, baby girl.Your words to me, served chillingly cold with every hot flogging.I can feel you get harder against me. And me wetter.Soon you will ask me to take off my pretty panties, so that my baby soft pussy can feel the hard steel of your erection.I still moan out loud, when you penetrate me, because it still feels tight, even after so many brutal fucks.But, I have learnt to take it all and please you.

And, I know, that if I am good then, you will feed me my milk straight from the bottle into my eager mouth, which is the way I like it best.And if I am like, really, really good, you will let me go to sleep with you firmly lodged in my greedy, little, suckling mouth.

I am a chweet, cuddly, well fed little kitten.Thoroughly spoilt and your favourite pet.Isn’t that so, Daddy?